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Jan 1st - Robin McCourt from Stillwater, PA----Angel Winner
Jan 1st - Joan F Hays from Lake Mary, Fl ---Gift Certificate Winner

Feb 1st - Donna Cohen from Pembroke, MA ---Angel Winner
Feb 1st - Nyla Thompson from Salem, SD ----Gift Certificate Winner


Debra Stephan from Cheboygan, MI - Jan. 1st, 2013
Chuck Trimble from Fort Scott, KS - Jan. 1st, 2013

Julia Mercer from Windsor, ON, Canada - Feb. 1st, 2013
Arlene Cole from Sanbornville, NH - Feb. 1st, 2013

Wendy Gutierrez from  Hemet, CA -  March 1st, 2013
Connie Williamson from Durham, NC - March 1st, 2013

April 1st, 2013 - Angel Winner - LaDonna Petershagen from Jefferson City, MO
April 1st, 2013 - Gift Certificate Winner - Erina Streibich from Abingdon,MD

May 1st Angel Winner - Susan Marks from Woburn, MA
May 1st Gift Certificate Winner - Donna Lewis from Newmarket, Ontario

June 1st Angel Winner - Virginia Harold from Parma, OH
June 1st Gift Certificate Winner - Helen Hutmacher from Paramus, NJ

July 1st - Angel Winner - Joan F Hays from Lake Mary, FL
July 1st - Gift Certificate Winner - Amanda Cole from Sanbornville,NH

August 1st - Angel Winner - Catherine Gosart from Keller, Tx
August 1st - Gift Certificate Winner - Janet Cobb from Ernul, NC

September 1st - Angel Winner - Nyla Thompson from Salem, SD
September 1st - Gift Certificate Winner - Tammie Venne from Evansdale IA

Dec 1st - Mary McKee from Amelia, OH-----Angel Winner
Dec 1st - Ruth VanAvery from Jacksonville IL ----Gift Certificate Winner

Jan 1, 2012 - Angel - Yvonne Hooker from Kalamazoo, Michigan
Jan 1, 2012 - Certificate - Kory Kormick
February 1st: Michael Oconnor from Henderson, NV and Janet Millien
March 1, 2012 - Angel - Jerry Reap from Pine Bluff, AR
March 1, 2012 - Certificate - Emily Danger
April 1, 2012 - Angel - *Esther L. Mussoni from Apple Valley, MN
April 1, 2012 - Certificate - Vandi Norman
May 1, 2012 - Angel - BETTY DAVIS from WEST COLUMBIA,SC
May 1, 2012 - Certificate - Karen Gonyea from Bridgeport, NY
June 1, 2012 - Angel - Peter Garifalos from Westwood, New Jersey
June 1, 2012 - Certificate - Arlene Cole from Sanbornville,NH
July 1, 2012 - Angel - Gina Hardy from Houston TX
July 1, 2012 - Certificate - Donna Cohen from Pembroke, MA
Sue Weaver from Seward, NE - Aug. 1st, 2012
Narda Young from Percy, IL - Aug. 1st, 2012
Elizabeth Howard from High Point, NC - Sept. 1st, 2012
Kathy Hornick from Harrisonburg, VA - Sept. 1st, 2012
Tim Younger from Belmont Hills, PA - Oct. 1st. 2012
Lori Morgan from Virginia Beach, VA - Oct. 1st, 2012
Mary Casper from New Tazewell, TN - Nov. 1st, 2012
Danny Goode from Newberg, OR - Nov. 1st, 2012
Suzie Leavitt from Albuquerque, NM - Dec. 1st, 2012
Teresa Hawley from Spanaway, WA - Dec. 1st, 2012


January 1st Angel winner - Julia Shanko from  Ukraine
January 1st Gift Certificate winner - Richard Degler
February 1st Angel winner - Cheryl Schurmeier from Princeton, IN
February 1st Gift Certificate winner - Susan Baalman
March 1st Angel winner - Terry Mac from  London, Ontario
March 1st Gift Certificate winner - Bruna Kwiatkowski
April 1st Angel winner - Sharon Rickert from Stillwater, MN
April 1st Gift Certificate winner - Megan Courtois
May 1,2011 - Angel - Janet Gould from Hot Springs, Arkansas
May 1,2011 - Certificate - Tom DeAmicis
June 1st Angel winner - Nina Wright from Eaton, NY
June 1st Gift Certificate winner - Melissa Sawvell
July 1st Angel winner - Marsha McEachern from Merritt Island, FL
July 1st Gift Certificate winner - Gary Haynes
August 1st Angel winner - Gerald M. Sliker Jr. from Newton, NJ
August 1st Gift Certificate winner - Johnthan Wyka Warzecha
Sept. 1,2011 - Angel - Judy Brown from Hillsboro, MO
Sept. 1,2011 - Certificate - Dina Cox
Oct 1,2011 - Angel - Cindy Gates from Altoona, PA
Oct 1,2011 - Certificate - Debra Driver
December 1st: Debra Barton from Acworth, GA and Kelly Dennis
November 1st: Paige Chandler from Dallas,TX and Karen Cullie

January 1st Gift Certificate winner - Terry Madden
January 1st Angel winner - Laurie Metz from Murfreesboro, TN
February 1st Gift Certificate winner - Debbie Fougerousse
February 1st Angel winner - Linda Deaver from Orofino, ID
March 1st Gift Certificate winner - Catherine Gosart
March 1st Angel winner - Shirley Thompson from Houston, TX
April 1st - Hannah R. Beck - Ridgefield CT and Stacy Fitzgerald
May 1st - Debie Lloyd - Mt.Gilead,Ohio and Daniel Thornton, Jr.
June 1st - Vicki Rhodes - Concord NH and Shirley Younger
July 1st - Debbie Treptow - Cambria WI and AJ Kennedy
August 1st Angel winner - Margaret Sorenson from Spring Lake MI
August 1st Gift Certificate winner - Kris Barrett
September 1st Angel winner - Tamara Lawson from West Valley City UT
September 1st Gift Certificate winner - Pam Scott
October 1st - Angel winner - Sharon Jones from Norwood, MA
October 1st - Gift Certificate winner - Cheryl Joyce
November 1st Angel winner - Susan Benedict from Marion, Iowa
November 1st Gift Certificate winner - Julie Terry
December 1st Angel winner - Colleen Stadnick from  Katy, TX
December 1st Gift Certificate winner - Trisha Kilpatrick

The 2009 Winners List!
December 1st - Gift Certificate winner - Tamara K Lawson
December 1st Angel winner - Laura DeLuca from Villas, NJ
November 1st - Gift Certificate winner - Kristi Borchardt
November 1st - Angel winner - Vivian Neal from Dallas TX
October 1st - Angel winner - Marilyn Wons from Miramar Beach, Fl
October 1st - Gift Certificate winner - Lance
September 1st - Angel winner - Jo Ellen Gaspard from Wichita Falls, TX
September 1st - Gift Certificate winner - Angelica
August 1st - Angel winner - Yvonne Morris from Rochester, NY
August 1st - Gift Certificate winner - Sonya
July 1st - Angel Winner -Virginia Harold from Parma, OH
July 1st Gift Certificate winner - Debbie

January:  Angel Winner - Diane Westerbeek from Clinton NC
 Gift Certificate Winner - Sandra Lamb
February 1st -  Angel winner - Janell Goode from Newberg, OR
Gift Certificate winner - Gloria
March: Tamara Bennington from Pensacola, Florida  and Nina!
April 1st Angel Winner - Tria Enns from Canada
April 1st Gift Certificate - Sharon Rose Goodpasture
May 1st Angel Winner - Kathy Hornick
May 1st Gift Certificate - Steve Toldy
June 1st Angel Winner - Cindy Legg
June 1st Gift Certificate - Carol Sopousek

Jan 1st - Selina Williams from Dallastown, PA
Feb. 1st - Lynn Putnam from Canaan, NH
March 1st - Susan Benedict from Marion, IA
April 1st - Carrie Castro from Los Altos, CA
March 1st - Susan Benedict from Marion IA
April 1st - Carrie Castro from Los Altos, CA
May 1st - Nina Wright from Eaton,  NY
NOTE: Gift Certificate winner - Susan Caldwell from Reedsport, OR.
June 1st Angel Winner - Beverley Justice from Shelby, NC
NOTE: Gift Certificate winner - June-Marie Peterson from Meredith. NH
Angel Winner for July 1st - Shannon Vidal from Ontario, Canada
NOTE: Gift Certificate Winner for July 1st - Jane Valentine from Wellsville, OH
August 1st Angel Winner - Kelly Grant from Gastonia, NC
NOTE: Gift Certificate winner Sally Schwartz
 September 1st -  Angel Winner - Donna Hatcher from Lancaster, KY
NOTE: Gift Certificate winner Patricia Carson
October 1st -  Angel Winner - Terri Kennedy from North Charleston, SC
NOTE: Gift Certificate winner Joseph Meyer
November 1st - Angel winner - Dawn Christopher from Waynesville, NC
NOTE:  Gift Certificate winner - Jan Bishop
December 1st 2008 - Angel winner - Debra Driver  from Underwood IA
Gift Certificate winner - Daniel R.Welch

January 1st, 2007 - Patsy Cobb from Brooks GA
February 1st - Nancy Latham from Wareham,, MA
March 1st - Cary Study from Hanover, PA
April 1st - Mona Mohamed Hassan from Cairo, Egypt
May 1st - April Trice from Albany, GA
June 1st - Marie-Claude Demers from Province de Québec, Canada
July 1st - Marlene Harris from Cromwell,Ct
August 1st - Pam Bice from Orwell, Ohio
September 1st - Claudette Flanigan from East Hartford, CT
October 1st - Sara Sicotte from Los Angeles, CA
November 1st - Kathleen Gereg from Bradenton, FL
Dec 1st - Connie Williamson from Durham, NC

December 1st - Paula Simecka from Arvada,CO
November 1st - Huguette English, Beaverbrook NB, Canada
October 1st - Kimberly Hickey from Patchogue, NY
September 1st - Amy Abernathy from Pasadena, TX
August 1st - Beth Carpenter from New Vienna, OH
July 1st - Steve Stark from Acworth, GA
June 1st - Gail Shane from Millersburg, Pa
May 1st - Carole Dube from Red Deer, AB  Canada
April 1st - Jeanette Kammerer from Saint Ann, MO
March 1st - Jennifer Stevens from Sterling Heights, MI
February 2006 - Colleen Blades from Ridgecrest, CA
January 1st - Shirley Janeiro from Lowell, MA

January '05 - Karen Barnett from Bloomington MN
February '05 - Michelle Rosborough from Riverside,CA
March '05 - Mike Grantham from Pinon Hills, CA
April '05 - Ellen Christian from Castleton, VT
May '05 - Ronda Garnett from West Des Moines, Iowa
June '05 - Marta Lynch from Kansas City, MO
July '05 - Gail Lambert from Gleason, TN
August '05 - Debra Stanfill from Moultrie, GA
September '05 - Nichelle Parsons from Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada
October '05 - Dolores Kauffunger from Orlando, FL
November - Frances Rollins from Blairsville,GA
December 1st - Angela Palmer from Miramar, FL

January 1st - Mary Cloud from Glenmora, LA
February 1st - Judy Theis from Erie, PA
March 1st - Jennifer Merz from New Kensington, PA
April 1st - Barb Stejskal from Lincoln, NE
May 1st - Jennifer Shepherd from York, Nebraska
June 1st - Leslie Fox from Wasilla, Ak.
July 1st - Susan Alles from Glorieta, NM
August 1st - Sandy Howe from Chilliwack, BC
September 1st - Naomi Nichols from Villas, NJ
October 1st - Susan Kulick from Camp Hill, PA
November 1st - Dianne Hurley from Hewitt, Tx
December 1st - Mark Joseph from Granada Hills, CA


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